The government has moved to Plan B and part of that is for people to work from home if they can.

This means a lot of companies and businesses are unavailable on the phone and we are finding it increasingly challenging to contact them to discuss debt. Put that together with the time of year and this equates to some challenging debt collection.

If you ask companies or contacts when they are next available and make a note to call back at specified times this can work in your favour. Also if you ask for an email address of the contact you need if they are unavailable by phone. Make reminders to follow them up every few days to keep the pressure on and let them know how crucial it is that they maintain communications with you.

If companies or individuals are using the pandemic to shield from paying you then dig deeper- find out all their financial circumstances, when is it likely to change, can they enter into an interim payment arrangement in the meantime? Do not lose the momentum.