There are a number of reasons why a business may decide to use CCTV, including the security of its premises and the safety of employees and visitors. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published a blog reminding organisations who are thinking of installing CCTV of their legal obligations. The blog will also serve as a useful checklist for those businesses already using CCTV.

The obligations include:

  • registering with the ICO (unless exempt)
  • notifying people that they may be recorded
  • controlling who has access to the recordings
  • ensuring that the CCTV system is only used for its intended purposes
  • allowing people to see CCTV footage of themselves

It is important to consider whether the use of CCTV is the most appropriate means of achieving an organisation’s objectives and to ensure that the decision process is recorded in writing.

Having decided to proceed with CCTV installation, an organisation must be careful to put in place suitable notices and policies informing staff, visitors and members of the public that CCTV is in operation and telling them how any images and other information captured will be handled.