Interesting to see the report below. Many employers are now finding it difficult to recruit and job vacancies are reported to be standing at very high levels. However the perception from candidates that they have been less favourably treated because of negative and discriminatory stereotyping on the basis of age, or any other characteristic protected from discrimination for that matter, has long been a concern for employers. 

Some larger employers will strip applications of all such information before candidates are selected for interview, but many employers lack the size or resources to do this, and it is not always practical to give individualised feedback to applications received, resulting in a bland "sorry you have not been successful this time" or no feedback at all. Some employers say in their job adverts words to the effect that they will not respond to all applications, and candidates who do not hear should just assume their application has been unsuccessful. 

Whatever the process, all employers should retain sufficient information for an appropriate period to be able to explain to a candidate who caallenges their rejection why  their perception of why this is, may differ from the reality.