According to data from the ONS, over the last 50 years fewer couples are getting married, but the divorce rate has increased tenfold.  

This is not all that surprising.  I come across many cohabiting couples who are choosing or have chosen not to get married for one reason or another.  My concern is that they often do not realise the difference between the rights of cohabiting couples and married couples in the eyes of the law.  Family lawyers have been campaigning for change for years, to modernise the law so there is no great distinction between the way cohabiting couples and married couples are treated.

For cohabiting couples, you can help avoid difficulties if you later separate by entering into a cohabitation agreement and/or having a declaration of trust drawn up to clearly set out the interests you each have in any property you own or have an interest in.

If you are contemplating getting married, I would consider seeking legal advice on the legal implications if your marriage breaks down and you subsequently divorce.  You may want to consider a pre nuptial agreement and a family lawyer can advise on the pros and cons of this.