A year ago the internet was alight with rumours that James Bond would have a child in the latest movie. As a family lawyer, the idea leaves me full of questions.

The biggest change that I have seen both in society and the family courts in the last 25 years is the rise in shared care. Many mothers work and though they remain more likely to work part time to fit around childcare, more and more fathers are working flexibly, and court orders reflect that. The most common arrangement used to be for children to live with mother and to spend time with father on alternate weekends, but that is less popular.

Are there any issues that would rule out shared care for James Bond?

Well, he would need to sort out his work hours, and lots of foreign travel is a practical obstacle.

How many martinis is he drinking these days? Is there a problem there? He might want to address that.

Can he adapt his lifestyle? No introducing a succession of lovely ladies to Bond Junior.

Will a car seat fit in that car? And whilst thinking of that, has he attended a Speed Awareness Course recently?

Can he commit? Coparenting requires commitment and cooperation for the long term, 247, 365 days per year.