GIRFTS?  What the heck is GIRFTS?!  Well, it just so happens to be my favourite acronym.  You probably have not heard of it because I made it up.  It stands for Get It Right From The Start.

What does this mean for you?  Well, you've got a lovely new customer into your business.  They are using your services and paying your invoices like  a dream.  Suddenly, the money stops coming in.  You chase them for payment and they ignore you.  Now, you want to take legal action against them.

The question to ask yourself is did you GIRFTS?  Have you got them to sign a contract/credit application form?  Have you supplied them with your T&Cs?  If the answer to these questions is yes then getting a successful claim through the Courts is going to be much easier.

The key before starting litigation is to be sure of what you are getting into – can you back up your claim with all the proper, completed paperwork?  Are you suing the right business or even the right legal entity?